How to Get More from a Big Game with This Guide

A lot of people have gotten their hands on a GameStop receipt, but the truth is that most people don’t.And while they’re good to have around for those who can’t afford it, GameStop receipts are not for everyone.We’ve seen this kind of thing before with a number of other retailers and it’s something that you […]

“What is a public library?”

The Oakland Public Library is currently seeking volunteers to help clean up a graffiti-filled library that had been painted over by the city of Oakland.The Oakland Public Libraries website says it is looking for volunteers to clean up the graffiti-covered walls, windows, benches and furniture at the library in the city’s West Oakland neighborhood.The city […]

More than 20 libraries in South Florida are opening in 2018

Brevard County Library is opening in 2017, the first time the county library will open in a single year.In 2019, it will open as a new branch of the Brevard Library of Science and Industry, a partnership with the university. “I think the reason for this is the expansion of technology,” Brevard library president Maryann Pang […]

Downtown library to close due to drought, mold outbreak

Sunnyvale Library, located at the intersection of East 7th and East 8th streets, will close this fall due to a drought, according to its Facebook page.The library’s website also states that it will “close for maintenance” this fall.The facility, located in the city’s south, was designed by architecture firm The Woodlawn Group.The group, which is […]

How to Build a New York Library: Building the Next Big Thing

How do you build a new library?There are many different approaches.The city has many options, from public, private, nonprofit, and private for-profit entities.You can start by thinking about what you need, and then figure out how you can get it.But there’s no single, easy answer.There are several reasons to do this.First, many people are looking […]

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