How to read the human genome: the cost of reading

New Scientist article More about the articleThe authors found that when people read their genomes, the more likely they are to read “a lot of stuff”, which they interpret as a sense of meaning, which in turn makes them read more.The results suggest that the more time spent on reading, the worse the brain does.This […]

When did I get the idea to start this blog?

Posted April 01, 2019 09:24:28 The idea of a blog has never crossed my mind, but I was recently asked by a friend of mine what my favorite blog posts were. A month or so later, I was sitting at home reading the news and I couldn’t stop thinking about this question. I realized that the same […]

What is a library?

As many as 4,000 children in northern Ontario will have to go to school without books as a result of the closure of Northern Ontario Library, which has been closed since July.The school board has agreed to pay for the library to remain open as part of a settlement, which will include $200,000 in funds […]

What happens if you get a bad review?

How do you rate a book?If you’re a student, what do you want your teacher to say?If your teacher is a parent, how do you let them know you have a book you don’t like?And how do they handle a review that makes you uncomfortable?All of these questions are questions we all face in a […]

How to get a free library card in Phoenix

For more than 30 years, the Phoenix Public Library has been accepting people to pay their own way.Now, the city is making it easier for people to do the same, opening its doors to anyone who wants to pay for access to libraries.The library is expanding its free card program to include libraries in other […]

How to find the silent library for your Csu project

This article will show you how to find Csu library without the need to type in the library’s name.The article uses the Csu-Tutorial to walk you through the process.We recommend reading the tutorial before reading this article.1.Create a new folder in Csu/Library 2.Navigate to the CSu-Tiki folder 3.Select the file you want to look for […]

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