Wine 3.6 Beta 6 with TU library (CSUSM)

AUGUST 23, 2018 07:12:51A new version of Wine has been released, and it includes several new features, including the TU (Csuusm) library, which is a newer and more stable alternative to the Csuus library.This is a major release, with more than 40 commits.The changes are mostly cosmetic, but we think they are worth highlighting.The most […]

The Boston Public Library is under attack

Al Jazeera is reporting that the Boston Public Libraries (BPL) is under an unprecedented attack by a new group that claims to be a coalition of the internet’s biggest libraries and online communities.The group is called the Digital Public Library Alliance, which describes itself as a coalition with a goal to “improve access to public […]

How much does it cost to get a free book at the library?

More than 200 local libraries across the U.S. and Canada have launched an initiative called “Book Free Week” that aims to provide free books to their patrons.According to the initiative, the Library of Congress has more than 1,000 titles in print, and they will be available for purchase for all to read.The Library of the […]

Gospel library: ‘Our world is so broken’

A library dedicated to the Bible has opened in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as part of a bid to improve the lives of ordinary people in a country facing widespread unrest.The library is dedicated to “the Book of Revelation”, a biblical book that describes the rise of Jesus Christ.It was set up by an association […]

More than 200 million videos uploaded to YouTube from the mid-east library

Library researchers have discovered a significant amount of new YouTube videos have been uploaded to the library’s online video repository over the past few weeks.The researchers used YouTube analytics software to uncover more than 200,000 video files that had been uploaded from mid-continental libraries.They identified roughly 1.2 million of the videos were uploaded from libraries […]

What the heck is KSU Libraries?

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