How to play games for iPhone and iPad

The games library app is an easy way to find games for your iPhone or iPad.In the app, users can search for games by name, release date and a short description.Users can also browse the games by category, like the iPhone and iPod Touch games that were featured on the cover of Apple’s new annual […]

Why the Fort Worth Library isn’t reading the internet

The Fort Worth library, with an emphasis on reading, is shutting down its internet-only program after the city began receiving an increasing number of complaints about the library’s website and mobile apps.According to city spokesperson Stephanie Jones, the city received “hundreds” of complaints over the past week about Fort Worth Public Library’s website.The Fort Wayne […]

What happens if you get a bad review?

How do you rate a book?If you’re a student, what do you want your teacher to say?If your teacher is a parent, how do you let them know you have a book you don’t like?And how do they handle a review that makes you uncomfortable?All of these questions are questions we all face in a […]

How to treat anemia and other common cancers with cannabis

Posted March 02, 2018 05:24:54 It’s no secret that cannabis is used to treat many conditions, from epilepsy to cancer, from Parkinson’s disease to glaucoma to glioblastoma.The question is: which one?If you’re wondering, there are many different strains of cannabis available.The cannabis plant contains a number of compounds, which are categorized into cannabinoid and non-cannabinoid […]

When to call a library: Where to go when you’re stuck

Portland, Ore.– The day of reckoning for the city’s public libraries came early this year when the Portland Public Library closed down its doors for the year.But the city didn’t close the doors on all libraries.The city was working with the library system to provide resources and support to help the library community.A lot of […]

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