More than 20 libraries in South Florida are opening in 2018

Brevard County Library is opening in 2017, the first time the county library will open in a single year.

In 2019, it will open as a new branch of the Brevard Library of Science and Industry, a partnership with the university. 

“I think the reason for this is the expansion of technology,” Brevard library president Maryann Pang told the Florida Times-Union in an interview last week.

“We wanted to open a branch of our library in the county because we have a lot of people who are not in the public library system, but we also wanted to get a library in Brevard to give them something that they would use when they’re at home.”

The Brevard branch is one of the first in the state, and Pang said it’s important to build community ties between the public and the library.

“The library is an integral part of our community,” she said.

“I think we have to create that connection with our community.” 

The library will be able to serve people with disabilities by making use of an automated system, which uses the internet to search for library resources. 

Pang said the branch is also opening up new programming to meet the needs of people with special needs, which include autism, autism spectrum disorder, and cognitive disabilities.

“We’re working with local organizations and the community to offer things like technology that can assist people with those needs,” she told the newspaper.

“It’s about making the community feel like they’re part of this library, and that we’re a part of their lives.” 

According to a Brevard Public Library spokesperson, the Brevards branch will be open from July 17 to December 31. 

Brevard County libraries will also be able offer programs and services, such as food, recreation, and tutoring, to people with intellectual disabilities.

The Brevard Libraries spokesperson said it will be a new experience for many people, who have had to use public facilities before. 

The Brevard Library of Sciences and Industry is a nonprofit organization, with a staff of about 250 and about $7 million in annual funding. 

 The Library of the Sciences is located at 1265 Main St., Brevard, FL 32733.

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