When San Jose’s city hall shuts down over budget, city leaders turn to crowdfunding

San Jose, California – The city of San Jose has declared a state of emergency, and the city’s emergency manager has called for an additional $1.6 billion in emergency funds.

It’s a drastic move that has left San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, city council President Joel Keller and city councilwoman Mary-Ellen Darcy scrambling to find an alternative to their financial crisis.

San Jose is in the midst of a financial crisis that has crippled the city and led to the closure of more than 500 public libraries, a decline in revenue for many city departments and an unexpected drop in tourism revenue.

Many San Jose residents are worried about their city’s finances and are rallying behind their city council, including a group of residents who recently held a rally at the city hall.

The crowd, estimated at about 500, came from across the city, from the South Bay, the San Francisco Bay Area and parts of the East Bay.

They gathered in the hall to protest the city council’s decision to cut the city budget by $1 billion and call for additional funding.

The council voted on Monday to close more than 200 libraries, including the city library, and to cut funding for the city police force, city fire department and fire services, among other agencies.

It also plans to close libraries in the South, East and Central Bay Area.

The city has cut funding from all of its parks and recreation programs and closed schools, libraries and other city services in recent months.

The Council is expected to vote on the budget on Monday.

A spokesperson for Liccardi said the council will take up the budget and make recommendations on what additional funding the city can raise.

The City Council is also expected to hold a special meeting on Monday evening to consider an additional request for $1 million.

San Jose has lost over $3 billion in revenue since 2012 and is one of the largest cities in California with more than 150,000 residents.

It was hit hard by the global financial crisis and the recession that followed.

Liccardia said the city has had to reduce its staff, pay for higher property taxes and cut services to help its people cope with the economic impact of the crisis.

He said that has forced the city to borrow money from the state to pay for services and infrastructure that had been in place for decades.

“There’s not enough money in the budget to keep this city running,” Liccardio said.

The city council was asked to take $1,000 from the city treasury to pay the salaries of its six members.

The money was earmarked to help pay for the salaries and benefits of three council members who were also the mayors of their wards, and two council members in their respective chambers.

It is unclear what would happen to the remaining $1-million in funds.

Many city employees have been laid off as part of the financial crisis, including many of the city employees who are responsible for the operations of libraries.

Several employees were asked to resign as a result of the closures.

Liccardi has proposed that the city hire 200 more people for staff positions in libraries, and said he wants to make sure that the budget is balanced, not just in terms of the resources available, but also in terms the quality of the services being provided.

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