Downtown library to close due to drought, mold outbreak

Sunnyvale Library, located at the intersection of East 7th and East 8th streets, will close this fall due to a drought, according to its Facebook page.

The library’s website also states that it will “close for maintenance” this fall.

The facility, located in the city’s south, was designed by architecture firm The Woodlawn Group.

The group, which is owned by a large local developer, also built the Rosewood, a high-rise apartment building at the site of a former gas station.

The Rosewood is now home to the new Sunnyvale Civic Center.

The building, which opened in March, will be home to local businesses and nonprofits, and will also feature a fitness center and community spaces.

The park at the center of the library is also slated for demolition.

Sunnyvale’s Department of Recreation and Parks told the Bexar County Register in October that it expects the library to lose its current collection by the end of September.

The department has been using funds from the city of Sunnyvale to pay for its library services since 2010, according the Register.

Sunnydale Mayor John Allen has previously stated that the library was in “imminent danger” due to the drought, and the closure would be “a major blow to the community.”

The library also has a long history of community outreach programs.

A recent project, “A Place of Love,” was held at the library in April, as well as an event called “Sustain Our Library,” held in July.

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