How to use a computer to help you get the flu vaccine

Denver public library has a great tool that lets people with a computer or tablet download a computer flu vaccine.

A library computer has been used to distribute more than 20,000 doses of the flu shot to people who can’t get it from the pharmacist.

The library’s computerised vaccine distribution system has been called “an internet of vaccines”.

The software was developed by University of Massachusetts Boston researchers, but the library is now offering it to users.

Anyone who wants to download the software is able to do so online.

Users are asked to enter a name and email address and to supply a phone number for a pharmacist to contact.

The library is also offering the flu shots through the internet to the public.

Users who have received the shots and want to see if they’re working, can log in and download them.

Library patrons are also given a voucher to use in their local library card to buy a flu shot, or can pick up a tablet to take with them.

If you have a computer, there are a few options available.

You can download the free flu vaccine and follow the instructions to get a vaccine.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can download an iPhone app.

You can download a free flu shot using the Google Play Store, and then download it from there.

It can be downloaded by simply pressing the download link on the app.

You’ll need to enter the zip code of the phone number you’re looking for.

To download the vaccine, go to the library website, click the “Get a flu vaccine” link, and follow through the steps to receive your flu shot.

Once you’ve received your flu vaccine, it will be ready for use.

Libraries around the country have been testing out computerised distribution of the vaccine to ensure people get it as quickly as possible.

They’re also offering it online to the general public.

More to come.

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