Which counties have the most open libraries?

A new survey released by the Pew Research Center finds that more than half of the states have more than 1,000 public libraries, while only 30 percent have fewer than 1.3 million.

While this doesn’t mean that we have the resources we need to meet our needs, it does mean that public libraries are getting more access to all Americans, even those without a library card.

“We know that people who are older and who aren’t in the workforce are often less likely to have access to a public library,” said Krista O’Connell, the executive director of the Public Libraries Association.

“If we don’t invest in libraries, then we don�t have those opportunities.”

Libraries in the U.S. have historically struggled to compete with traditional, brick-and-mortar stores.

Some states have tried to fill that gap by opening their own library, such as California, where the public library system opened a new branch in Santa Barbara last year.

But even as libraries have expanded and become more integrated into communities, some states have struggled to keep up.

The New York State Public Library System (PSL) was closed in 2013 for financial reasons, and the state has had to close many branches over the years, including in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Washington, D.C.

“If we’re going to have a public resource, we want it to be able to serve as a resource to the community,” said Sarah Kollins, a library manager at the Los Angeles Public Library.

The Pew study, which surveyed 1,003 public libraries in the 50 states, found that about half of states have a population of more than 200,000 people, and about half have more local branches.

While many of the cities in the states with more branches have had to cut budgets to meet increased demand, the study found that the number of public libraries has increased.

In fact, the states that had the most public libraries during this time period had an average increase in library patrons of 1.5 percent, the largest gain among states.

The most-populated states, according to the survey, are California, New York, Texas and Florida.

The other states with the most libraries in population are Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Oklahoma.

States with the fewest libraries are Nevada and South Dakota, with less than 500,000 population.

In addition to the states’ limited resources, many of those states are struggling to keep the doors open and the libraries active.

“There’s not a lot of room in the country to get people in and out of a library, and so we see people who can’t get in or out often not being able to do that,” said Kollers.

“There is a lot going on with the economy and things like that that make it very difficult for people to get into a library.”

The study also found that people with a library account are often more likely to use a library in public than those without.

Seventy-two percent of those surveyed said they would like to use the library in a public setting, while just 14 percent said they don’t have one.

“The way that libraries work, there is a certain amount of control that goes into whether they can be there and what time it is that they can use the facility,” said O’Connor.

“I think there’s an expectation that they are there when you need them, and I think it makes people feel like they can access them, especially if you’re not working or you’re on vacation.”

The survey also found some states with a significant number of libraries that have struggled with staffing.

In states such as Louisiana, where about half the state�s population is under the age of 30, there are currently about 1,200 libraries in operation, compared to a total of about 8,700 in Texas, New Mexico and Alabama.

Some of the state’s most populous counties, such New Orleans and New York City, have more public libraries than the rest of the country combined.

While the overall numbers of libraries in these states are impressive, they are far from a national trend.

According to the Pew survey, the number with more than 50,000 members and more than 500 public branches in a state had fallen by about 20 percent from 2015 to 2020.

That decline is even more dramatic in New York where public libraries closed down more than 25 percent in the first half of 2018.

While public libraries and public libraries may have less funding and staff to serve the needs of the population, the Pew study found a growing number of people are finding ways to access libraries.

One example is a new generation of artists and musicians, many who have never been to a library.

“I just started going to a few of my local libraries, but now that I have kids, I really like to go to a bunch of different libraries,” said artist and musician Alex Dabir.

“Sometimes you can’t find a

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