The library near me in Las Vegas was robbed and vandalised

The library closest to my home in Las Vega was robbed, vandalised and some of its contents vandalised on Monday.

The library is about a mile and a half from the main entrance to my house, located at 905 West 14th Avenue.

The library is one of three branches of the Madison Public Library in Las Vegas, which is about 1,200 kilometres west of the city.

My library is the only one in the Las Vegas area that is not on the main Las Vegas Strip, where the majority of residents live.

It’s a small area with very few shops, restaurants and other businesses, so it’s not a big target for burglars.

I’m a big fan of Madison Public library, which has many of the same items as the Madison branch in Las Vegas, including books, magazines, a library card, a copy of the Bible and a copy or two of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

There’s also a big selection of video games and other entertainment from around the world.

But the library was not so lucky on Monday morning.

As I was going to open my library card for my daughter, I saw a man and two women walking down the main street of Las Vega.

The man grabbed my wallet and took my library pass.

He then got into his vehicle and drove away.

When he turned on the radio, he said, “You know, I don’t want you in there anymore, you know.”

My daughter was just about to leave, so I asked her, “Where are you going?”

She said, I’m going to school.

“The man and the two women then drove off.

I didn’t see them again.

The men had left my library, but my daughter’s father, who was walking nearby, didn’t find out until he came home.

He asked my daughter what happened.

She said that two of her friends had come to the library and heard the commotion.

My daughter’s mother came out of the library, grabbed the library card and was about to walk away when the men came running.

She asked them what was wrong, but they told her, “”They stole my library,”” said my daughter.

My husband was about 50 metres away when they broke in, and he grabbed the card and ran to the car.

I got my daughter to safety.

The men stole my wallet, my library cards and my laptop computer.

They also took my daughter and my mother’s mobile phone.

I didn’t know they were the same people.

I’ve asked the library to check the bank statements and the CCTV footage and I’ve been told it’s being investigated.

The two men are in custody.

I’m grateful for the quick action by the library.

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