When will we see a new, faster and cheaper way to pay?

Milwaukee Public Library (MPL) is proposing to upgrade its pay card machines with a faster and more reliable new one.

The new cards will cost $25 each and will be available at the libraries throughout the county.

The cards are expected to replace the older technology cards that are used at many of the libraries across the country.

“With the new cards, we will be able to provide the services that we have always provided to our patrons and customers,” said Mark O’Connor, the library’s executive director.

“And we’ll be able provide that with the convenience and speed that we know is so important for our customers.”

The card-reader cards will be introduced starting at the end of July and will cost around $25 apiece.

“It’s the first time that we’ve had this type of a solution in a public library,” said MPL board member John V. Stroud.

“This is a very significant change, a very big change, for us and it’s really exciting.”

Visa has been making the cards available for years, and Milwaukee Public libraries are among the last institutions in the state to use them.

Milwaukee Public also operates its own pay-by-card system.MPL officials say the card-pay cards will also help reduce the number of fraud cases at the public library.

“The cost of this solution is that it is not just for our patrons but for the library system as a whole,” Stroud said.

“We’ll be spending a lot less on fraud because there’s no one that’s going to steal your card.

That’s one of the reasons we’re looking to this as a new approach.”

The new cards are scheduled to be in place for about a year.

A number of other public libraries in the Milwaukee area have also started using them.

MPL will begin accepting the new pay cards by the end.

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