Why Seattle’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ is the best thing for schools and communities

On the heels of its disastrous re-election defeat, the Seattle Public Schools (SPPS) announced that they would begin accepting “no-cost” online classes beginning in June.

The move is an important one because it marks a dramatic shift in the way the district operates, which has been plagued by years of budget shortfalls and underfunding.

The new online program will be available to students from grades K-8, with online classes available to all students beginning in the fall.

The program, which is already available to nearly all students in grades K through 12, is meant to reduce the amount of paperwork required for students to enroll and to improve the quality of instruction.

It also helps to make it easier for parents to enroll their children online, which can often be a daunting task given the district’s many school closures.

For many parents, the program may seem like an expensive alternative to charter schools.

But in Seattle, as in many other cities, parents are often struggling to make ends meet.

The public schools system has historically struggled to make its funding meet basic needs, including health care, education, and social services, according to a 2014 report by the Seattle Times.

But as the state’s budget crisis has become more acute, the school system has increasingly struggled to pay its bills, and it has struggled to keep its finances in order.

As a result, students are increasingly choosing to drop out of school and go on welfare.

According to the Seattle Department of Education, the number of students who dropped out of public schools dropped to more than 20,000 in 2015 from more than 33,000 students in 2011.

The school district also faces a massive backlog of payments to districts across the state, with more than $12 billion owed.

And this summer, the district cut its public school enrollment by more than 40,000, while reducing the number enrolled in the district from about 1.2 million to just over 1.1 million students.

Despite these challenges, parents and teachers in Seattle remain optimistic about the future of the district.

They argue that the program is just the beginning of a massive transformation of how schools are run.

“Our schools are struggling with this,” said Laura Brown, a parent who attended the district for her children’s high school graduation.

“This is a step in the right direction.”

What makes this program different from the alternatives is that it is not being offered as a free trial, and that it’s not being rolled out on a per-student basis.

The Seattle Public Library District is the only district in the nation to offer no-cost online classes to all kids.

The district has a budget deficit that is expected to grow to $2.4 billion by 2020, according a report by City University of New York School of Law professor Robert Weiss.

That means it’s facing a $10 million shortfall each year, which means it needs to make substantial cuts in the next few years.

The funding is critical because Seattle Public schools, like other schools in the state and nationwide, face funding shortfalls.

In 2015, the city cut funding by nearly $2 billion, leaving the district with a $1.6 billion deficit.

As of this year, the state is projecting that the budget deficit is expected at $2 million a year.

The schools district’s current budget is estimated to be $4.6 million a day.

This means that in order to pay for this funding, the districts is going to have to cut spending on other areas, including education, health care and social service.

In recent years, the funding has also been cut in other areas as well.

For example, the budget has been reduced in the Department of Transportation by $1 million per year since 2014.

For the district to pay teachers, the students would have to reduce their classes by an average of 50 minutes.

To make matters worse, there is a looming budget deficit of more than another $5.6 in the coming year, leaving more than a half billion dollars in the school district’s unfunded liabilities.

With such a large shortfall, the cuts are inevitable.

“There’s no question that this is a tough situation for the district,” said Brown.

“We’ve been struggling with our budgets for a long time, and we’re in a position where we’re going to need to make tough choices.”

Brown believes that the district will have to take drastic measures to close the funding gap.

The decision to offer online classes is an especially important one, she said, because “the students who have already been there, who are coming online for the first time, are the ones who are most likely to be impacted by these cuts.”

The program is expected for its first semester, but the school will continue to work on the online options until the fall semester.

The online options will be offered in the following order: Students who are currently enrolled in online classes will be transitioned to classes offered in person.

Classes will be taught in the same classroom and will not be held in

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