How to read the human genome: the cost of reading

New Scientist article More about the articleThe authors found that when people read their genomes, the more likely they are to read “a lot of stuff”, which they interpret as a sense of meaning, which in turn makes them read more.

The results suggest that the more time spent on reading, the worse the brain does.

This is particularly worrying because people are already spending much more time on social media than reading. 

“If you can’t read and understand a person’s life well, what’s the point of reading?” says lead author Dr Laura T. Williams, from the University of Cambridge.

“That’s why the human condition is so interesting and how to help the human mind cope with it.” 

The study also found that reading makes the brain more likely to experience pleasure, and so people are more likely if they experience pleasure they are more sensitive to negative emotions.

So, it is possible that reading helps people cope with negative emotions, even though they might be experiencing them as unpleasant. 

And if the researchers are right, reading might also help the brain process the social media we all engage in. 

The brain is good at processing and processing, says Williams.

“It knows the social value of what it is reading, and how it relates to others.”

So it does know about people, what they are like and what they think about themselves.

There’s a lot that we do know about the brain, and that’s what we want to explore.””

There are a lot more things that the brain can do and that we don’t know how to do at a very early stage,” she says.

“There’s a lot that we do know about the brain, and that’s what we want to explore.”

What’s next?

Williams and her team have now found out whether reading can be improved by adding an ‘expectant factor’ into reading.

This could be an individual’s age, race, gender, or religion, to make it easier to detect changes in reading ability.

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