How to Get Free Online Book Reading in Your Local Library

A new tool for accessing free online books in your local library is being rolled out to a growing number of libraries in Georgia.

Georgia Public Library is testing the Freebooker app for access to free books and audio books, and is working with other local libraries in the state to implement the program.

The Freebookers is a free app that lets people download books and other digital content to their phone, tablet or computer, then use them offline for free for two weeks.

The free version is free to download, but the paid version costs $1.99 a month to use.

The app’s creators say they wanted to bring free reading material to Georgia’s public libraries.

The app, developed by a company called Ease of Access and published by Amazon, lets users download a free version of a book, listen to it online or even watch it on the go.

The paid version can be downloaded for $3.99.

“We want people to have access to books they need,” said Amy Mott, director of public libraries for the city of Atlanta.

“This app makes it easy to get books to the libraries, and it also brings books to our people.

People are going to love this app.”

Georgia Public Libraries is working closely with the city to get the app in place.

The apps development is the result of the Georgia Department of Education’s effort to encourage the use of digital learning.

“The app is an extension of what we do for the public,” said David Haines, assistant superintendent for public education.

“It’s an educational app that helps public schools to provide high quality, high quality learning experiences for students, parents and staff.”

For the app, public libraries are partnering with the Georgia Association of Public Libraries.

The association has provided a partnership model to public libraries to help them build partnerships with local companies and libraries.

In the future, the app will expand to other public libraries in different cities.

Georgia Public Libraries says the app has been downloaded over 300,000 times.

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