Why the Fort Worth Library isn’t reading the internet

The Fort Worth library, with an emphasis on reading, is shutting down its internet-only program after the city began receiving an increasing number of complaints about the library’s website and mobile apps.

According to city spokesperson Stephanie Jones, the city received “hundreds” of complaints over the past week about Fort Worth Public Library’s website.

The Fort Wayne Public Library, with a focus on electronic and digital media, also stopped using the library as a library on Monday.

According a statement provided to Recode, Fort Worth is “reviewing” its online programs and services.

The city says it is still evaluating its online program, and has no immediate plans to shut it down.

The online programs will continue to function as planned.

The library will continue receiving “digital” books and audio books from its partners, including local newspapers, libraries and regional libraries.

However, the Fort Wayne library is not going to be accepting any of those items as a form of payment.

“We’re not going back into that business,” Jones told Recode.

“That’s something that we’ll be looking at as we’re looking at how we respond to these complaints.”

The library’s online program is a part of Fort Worth’s digital library program.

The libraries website and app allow Fort Worth residents to read, research, access and purchase digital books and audiobooks.

The digital library has been in place for more than a year.

Fort Worth says its library is now one of the “most popular online services” for Fort Worth users.

But it has received a number of other complaints about its online library.

Last month, Fort Wayne complained about the Fort Bend County Library’s digital program.

And last month, the state of Texas asked the Fortworth library to stop using the app and website, claiming the program is “not compatible” with Fort Worth libraries.

Fort Wayne libraries told Recovid they are aware of the state’s complaint.

“They’re very serious about what they’re doing,” said the library.

“And they’ve done a lot of research.

But they’re not taking it seriously.

So I’m very disappointed with them.”

The Fortworth libraries website has also received a fair amount of criticism, including from some Fort Worth citizens.

The public library was one of several local governments to complain to the state about Fort Bend library’s use of its digital program last year.

The federal government’s website also received some criticism.

The website includes information about the online library, and information about its digital service, which was made available last week.

“It’s very clear that Fort Worth Libraries, like any other library, has a mission to serve the needs of its community,” Fort Worth officials told Recomod.

“The Fort Worth City Library does not share any information with the Fort Bragg Library, and does not disclose any data or information about their digital programs to the public.”

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