Why are there so few mid-night movies in NCSU library?

By Kevin O’BrienA lot of folks might remember that NCSU Library was a big one, serving nearly 200,000 people during the early years of the school year.

And it wasn’t the only one, with many other public libraries serving a similar population, according to the library’s website.

But in the past decade, library service in the university’s library system has dropped significantly.

As of March 31, 2015, there were less than 100 late-night films in the library system.

That’s not just a problem for NCSU’s students and alumni, who rely on the library as their primary source of entertainment.

It’s also a problem that impacts libraries across the country, said John Kasten, president and CEO of the National Association of Library Service Providers.

The organization represents thousands of public libraries and their members.

It represents the majority of the public libraries in the United States.

The problem is even worse for libraries across other communities.

The Association of American Library and Information Services (AALIS) found that in 2011-12, more than 4.3 million patrons were served late-shift and mid-shift by a library service provider.

This year, the AALIS predicts that there will be about 2.6 million late- and midnight patrons, up from 1.5 million last year.

Library patrons often go to the libraries to fill their late- or mid- shift needs, but there are no options to watch movies or TV shows in the late- hours.

That makes the library service providers job much harder, said Brian Hays, vice president and general manager of library services at the Association of Colleges and Universities.

It’s a problem both for libraries and the libraries themselves.

AALis data shows that libraries have more than twice as many late-hour patrons as mid-day patrons, which means that they have fewer hours of library time for the people who actually need it most, said Hays.

Libraries also don’t always know where the patrons are going to be.

Sometimes libraries can’t provide services until they’ve been picked up by the police, or someone else who needs to get to the service provider’s location.

Library service providers are also sometimes unable to locate the patrons when they’re late at night, because they have to get in touch with the library.

But when it comes to late- at night patrons, there’s no time to do that, said Kastan.

And the problem goes beyond just the libraries.

Librarians in rural communities often work late into the night because of the lack of phone coverage.

The same can be said for public library patrons in urban areas.

Librarians are also frustrated that they can’t offer information on the hours of services to people who aren’t residents of the community.

And the library is often the only source of information when someone needs to talk to someone who doesn’t have a library card.

It can be frustrating, said Andrew Dye, vice chairman of the library board at the University of North Carolina System.

The library system can’t afford to lose any students, and it’s not an option for all of us, said Dye.

But the library has to look at all of the options.

It has to consider what services it can provide for its students, for its employees, and for the community, he said.

The university also needs to consider that students aren’t the ones who use libraries as their main source of recreation.

People who are looking for entertainment, such as sports and movies, can find movies in the NCSU Public Library, but they can also find movies at other local theaters and online.

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