What you need to know about the new US law that will keep Google’s internet service open

Google is suing the US government for banning the search engine from selling its services on the internet, a legal move that could pave the way for a ruling against the company in the US Supreme Court.

Google and a coalition of other internet service providers including AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner have sued the federal government for violating antitrust law by barring the search giant from selling advertising to advertisers in its online and mobile services.

The suit, filed in federal court in San Francisco on Monday, seeks to block the FCC’s ban on the Google ads that it has deemed to be “substantially similar” to those that Google already sells in its own search engine, the Alphabet-owned company said.

Google has accused the government of trying to prevent it from being able to sell its own internet-based search product, which Google also sells on mobile devices.

The US Justice Department argued in court papers that the ban on Google search advertising violates antitrust laws because it restricts Google from offering its own “compelling” search product.

It said that the ads that Google sells “are not of comparable value, and their use would substantially impair” Google’s ability to “promote its own services”.

Google also accused the US Justice department of “suspicionless and intentional interference with competition in the marketplace for Internet advertising”.

In a court filing, the company said that Google is “engaged in an aggressive bid to block its competitors from accessing the world’s most widely used search engine”.

The company has not specified what it wants to do with the court action.

Google said in its filing that it had “further demonstrated” to the government that the search company is not subject to antitrust laws and that the government’s “stunningly expansive” antitrust claim “is a political, not a legal, claim”.

“We have been engaging in a vigorous legal fight to ensure that Google’s search product is available to users in the United States and the world,” Google said.

The lawsuit also said that US regulators are violating antitrust laws by denying Google’s bid to open up access to the search site.

“In the past, we have been required to provide information about Google’s operations and the extent to which our services compete with competing services on an equal footing, and we continue to do so under the antitrust laws,” Google’s lawyer, Christopher Soghoian, said in a statement.

“This government’s outrageous, unlawful attempt to force Google to stop providing access to its services violates the antitrust rules and will have the opposite effect on competition.”

Google’s search advertising platform, AdSense, has been in existence since 2007.

The company says that by offering a cheaper, cheaper alternative to advertising, it allows it to offer “more personalized and targeted ads to users”.

A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that Google ad revenues have more than tripled since the search service was launched in 2006.

The case was brought in a California federal court, and the lawsuit has been assigned to US District Judge Otis Wright.

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