How Microsoft could turn Microsoft Office into a cloud killer

Microsoft is moving to become the cloud computing giant that Google and Amazon are competing for with a $3.7 billion acquisition of cloud software giant Amazon Web Services.

The deal, announced Tuesday, is the latest of several deals Microsoft has announced in recent weeks.

It includes a $1 billion purchase of Skype competitor VOIP, as well as a $5.5 billion purchase for Skype competitor Zoom, which is focused on video conferencing.

It also includes a new $2.9 billion purchase to build Azure, which Microsoft says will allow the company to take on more of the cloud.

But Microsoft is not the only company taking aim at Google and its cloud offerings.

On Tuesday, Apple said it is buying Jet, a cloud computing company, and will use Jet to develop its own cloud platform.

And on Tuesday, Twitter said it had acquired Appium, an app development company that has built a robust online marketplace for developers.

Google and Amazon’s cloud offerings are designed to provide a seamless, personal online experience for users, and Microsoft says its new cloud services will help achieve that goal.

Microsoft will help build the new services and will create a new cloud-based software and infrastructure infrastructure for Microsoft and partners, it said.

“The cloud has been the core of our business, and this new acquisition will help us accelerate our efforts to make it the leading provider of cloud computing,” said Matt Smith, Microsoft’s chief technology officer.

Amazon and Google have been battling over cloud computing for years, and Amazon is now the dominant player in the industry.

The Amazon Web Service has grown to dominate the cloud-building game and now has over 1.4 billion users, more than double the 1.3 billion users of Google.

Microsoft is also aiming to build a cloud service that would be similar to Amazon’s, and it said the acquisition will enable Microsoft to accelerate its efforts to build its own infrastructure for Azure.

Microsoft said it will be able to use Azure for its cloud services, including Skype, its online video confederacy, and Bing, its search engine.

The Azure cloud service will be built and run by Microsoft’s Azure platform, which will also help Microsoft with its own software.

Microsoft has been working with Amazon to develop cloud services for years and has invested $500 million in the company.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Tuesday that the company will take a more strategic approach to its cloud efforts, using its existing hardware, software, and infrastructure to help create the new Azure cloud services.

The Microsoft cloud service is expected to be the company’s biggest acquisition yet.

Microsoft is hoping to expand its cloud capabilities to help customers manage more of their personal data, which includes email, calendars, social networking, and more.

Microsoft also said Tuesday it will start to release a new version of its Outlook email client on Tuesday.

Microsoft was hoping to roll out a version of Outlook that can handle the huge amount of personal data it will need in the coming years, Nadell said.

Microsoft’s new cloud offerings will also enable it to build new applications for people who already use Microsoft products, he said.

Microsoft plans to add these applications to Office 365, a service that lets people work from home, while they are in the office.

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