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Leontina County Library is closing, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no way to find a place to spend a weekend.

Library staff are calling on community groups to help them find places to study, as the library has been shut down due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

The library in Leontine is the second library to close this month.

On Friday, a library branch in St. Francisville, Que., closed for the day, after it had just closed for a few weeks due to the outbreak.

Leontini Coun.

Michael Gagnon says libraries are a vital resource for many in the community.

“It’s a big part of who we are as a community, and we are very grateful to have a great library service, especially one that’s close to home,” said Gagnan.

“And it’s important that the community comes out to help us.”

A library spokesperson said that there are currently only two libraries open, and the library branch will remain closed.

There are several locations around the province that will offer classes on Friday.

Gagnons office will be located at 711 West Hastings Street.

The library will reopen as soon as it is able to reopen, and will offer a few classes in a space that’s not ideal.

Gagnons staff are asking for volunteers to help, but are also asking for donations to help pay for the rent.

If you want to donate, you can visit or call 775-737-3321.

You can also text the word library to 78000 to donate.

You can also make a donation online through or by calling 775.227.2388.

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