How the Duke of Edinburgh’s Legacy is Defined by his Death

“When I went to the grave, I had a beautiful blue rose with a pink flower in the middle.

When I got up, I looked up and saw that rose and rose petals were the same.”

– Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, who died at 79 on Friday.

“I have seen my father cry on the grave of my mother.

I am so sorry for the pain she has caused my family.”

– King George VI, who was buried at Westminster Abbey in 1957, as well as his sister, Princess Anne.

“It is a sad day to see a dead person, but I have always felt that he has a soul and that he is one of us.”

– Queen Elizabeth II, who took a few hours to get up to pay her respects.

The king’s funeral will be held on Sunday at Westminster Cathedral.

Hide Caption 8 of 16 Prince Charles’s tombstone reads: “My Lord of the Manor, Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, and my Lady Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Australia and New Zealand.”

He is buried with the royal family in Westminster Abbey.

Hide View  4 of 16 Queen Elizabeth III’s funeral was held at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

Hide  3 of 16 Princess Anne is buried in Westminster Hall.

Hide   2 of 16 Harry’s coffin is escorted to the coffin carrier by two officers of the Royal Family.

Hide The Duke of York and Duchess of Cornwall will also be buried at St Andrew’s Cathedral.

The two are the heirs to the British throne, but they are also descendants of Charles and Princess Diana, who also died of heart failure at the age of 43 in 1997.

Hide Hide 2 of 16 Royal wedding ceremony for Princess Diana and Prince Philip. Hide

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