When will you be able to go back to reading?

The latest issue of The Irish Daily reveals how libraries in the city of Houston, Texas, are taking up the fight against the threat of online piracy.

In a series of tweets, the library board wrote: “Houston is a city that has a lot of problems with illegal downloading of books and movies.

We are now going to be able read the books we are legally allowed to read in our libraries.

If you’ve been caught downloading books from a website, we will take you to court and you will be facing up to a year in jail and fines of $25 for every day you continue to violate copyright laws.”

The board, which also represents the city’s library system, added that the library will take action to stop those responsible from downloading books.

“If you are caught downloading a book from a non-authorized source, we may be able issue you a $25 civil fine and take you back to court.

If this happens, we are going to take you in to court for the first time and take a civil action,” the board said.”

We want to encourage all libraries and public libraries in Houston to be vigilant, but this is only going to work if everyone is willing to take action and fight back against online piracy.”

The tweet was first spotted by the Irish Times, which reports that Houston’s public libraries have been struggling with online piracy since the city was ranked number one in the country for downloading the most books in 2016.

However, the public library board is not the only library in the Houston area taking up this issue.

The Austin Public Library also posted a notice to its Twitter account, saying that it will begin taking steps to prevent people from downloading illegally.

“Austin Public Library is taking action to protect the libraries against piracy,” the tweet read.

“This includes issuing warnings and requiring library patrons to remove digital items from their devices and to disable digital devices at all times.

We have taken action to prevent and deter users from stealing digital books from libraries.”

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