How to build a React-powered library with React.js

An online library for testing and writing React apps in your browser is coming, and it’s coming from the top.

Monroe County Library, which provides a full-featured React testing library to the community, has announced the launch of a React library that is based on the Node.js framework and allows developers to write React apps using the browser.

The library, which will be available later this year, will work with React Web Components and the React Web Player.

The new library is called React Test Library, and its developer, Scott R. Johnson, says the project is inspired by the NodeJS community’s efforts to build an “all-in-one test framework for React applications” to help test their code.

“We hope this new library will help you to write better, faster, and more robust tests for your React apps and your app experiences,” Johnson wrote in a blog post announcing the library.

“Our goal is to provide a test framework that is as easy to learn and use as possible.”

Johnson added that the new library’s core functionality is based around two modules: React Test Framework, a “standard JavaScript framework” for testing, and React Web Component.

The React Test framework has been around since 2015, and in recent years, it has become a popular choice for testing React apps, which is why it was included in the React Developer’s Toolkit and React Testing Framework.

Johnson explained that the React Test library uses React as the “foundation” and it provides a “very clean and easy-to-use test framework” that is “compatible with other modern JavaScript frameworks.”

The React web component is an optional component in the new React library, and the new version will support both of those.

Johnson also shared that the library will work for “many more JavaScript frameworks,” and that he will be working on adding support for other frameworks to the library in the future.

The code behind the library, Johnson said, is “very similar” to the React framework code that will be included in a number of other React libraries.

React Test’s code base consists of “an implementation of React components in pure JavaScript,” but it uses “no external dependencies.”

The new React test library, on the other hand, will be “almost entirely written in JavaScript,” with only a handful of external dependencies.

It is built with React as its “foundation,” and includes the “standard” React modules as well as a few more optional ones.

The react-testing-library project is supported by the Microsoft open-source community and is being actively developed.

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