‘I am a scientist’: A young Australian scientist is working with ‘the machines’ to make ‘unconventional discoveries’

By Chris Jones, BBC NewsAUSTRALIA (AP) A 21-year-old Australian scientist and his friend are building a “quantum computer” for scientists to explore their scientific curiosity with.

They are the inventors of an Australian quantum computer, or Q-code, which can analyze a massive database of data from a quantum computer.

Australian physicist Andrew Ng has spent the past two years researching how quantum computers work, and has now developed an “intelligent” computer that will make “unconformable” mistakes.

Q-code is a machine that can analyze large databases of data, and is made up of quantum bits.

The quantum bits in a Q-bit are small enough to encode data in bits of information called qubits.

Qbits have the potential to make quantum computers more powerful than today’s supercomputers.

But there are challenges, including the fact that qubits are hard to store in large amounts of data.

“There are challenges in designing a computer with this quantum property and with a very big memory,” Ng said.

He and his colleague, who are both students at the University of Technology Sydney, have developed an algorithm called “tensorflow,” which can solve some of the problems of Q-coders.

They built the first prototype of a “torsion-vector” quantum computer using a quantum-machines approach, in which the computer spins the qubits in the form of a torus.

Ng said the team is currently building a second prototype that will be “more efficient” and will be able to solve the “hardest” problems of quantum computers.

“We’ve got a quantum machine that we can make a few mistakes in, and it still runs,” he said.

“It’s going to be a little bit harder for the rest of the world.”

The Q-Code project is a collaboration between the University, the National Science Foundation and the Australian National University.

The team hopes to use the project to develop a more robust quantum computer for the future.

But it will also be used for research into the effects of quantum entanglement.

The Australian government is funding Ng’s work.

Q-Code is a system of “bits” that are created from qubits, and which can be used to store information.

Ng and his colleagues hope to make a machine with the ability to store a large amount of data in one piece.

They also hope to develop algorithms that can solve the most difficult problems of the quantum computer model.

“What we’re looking for is not just to be able the system to store the quantum information, but also to be really good at doing things that are really difficult, or that are difficult to do by a traditional computing model,” Ng told ABC Radio Australia.

A quantum computer can simulate more than 1,000 different kinds of data without using a memory.

Qcode has an estimated cost of $3.5 million and Ng says he is optimistic about the project.

“There is a lot of work in the area, it’s been a very slow pace for a long time,” Ng added.

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