‘A great library’: Library opens in Texas

Arlington, Texas – The first public library in the U.S. opened in Texas on Tuesday, opening a chapter of the Austin Public Library system.

The Arlington Library District in the Austin suburb of Arlington was established in 2014, and it is the first library to be open in Texas.

It is the only library in Texas to open in two years.

“It’s been a wonderful day, but it’s been the greatest thing we’ve done in Austin,” said Mark Kranz, chairman of the Arlington library district.

“It’s going to be a big change for Austin.

This is a wonderful new chapter in the history of Austin.””

We have an incredible opportunity to provide an amazing service to the community, and to offer people the best possible educational experience,” said District Director Jennifer Hennick.

The district has 1,700 students and a population of about 7,000.

Kranz said the Arlen library district has received $150 million in federal grants since 2009, and the district is currently operating with just a few books.

The district opened its doors with $5,000 in contributions from the community.

A small portion of the donations went to the Arlandys new library building, which is currently under construction.

The library district also has a small library, which opened in 2013, and a smaller one in the basement, which was open for five years.

Hennick said the district has not received any outside funding.

She said the library district was able to borrow $3 million to open the library because of its financial stability.

The library has also expanded to include more programming.

“The library is expanding to include a new programming center, and we are adding a full-service library, including a large number of books and materials,” Henn, who is also the chair of the district board, said.

The new center is expected to open later this year.

The opening of the library was a great success, Henny said, and she is optimistic that the district will continue to be able to expand and add books to its collection.

“We’re looking forward to the future.”

The new library will open in 2018, but the district still has to pay rent on the building.

Hennack said the next year will see the district open a second library, and that it will have a library for seniors and a small child library.

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