How to Build a Biggest Library in a Small Town

By now, you probably have heard about the huge libraries in the city of Durham, North Carolina.

You know, the ones with the massive ceilings and the grand displays.

You’ve probably also heard of the Durham library, which has more than 3,000 bookshelves, nearly 100,000 square feet of space, and thousands of employees.

But we didn’t know it had the largest library in the state, nor did we realize how many employees it had.

The library is currently owned by the city, which is hoping to buy the facility in a $1.9 billion deal.

But now that the deal is complete, the city is also looking for a replacement for the library, so we can all get to enjoying the library and the people that work there, which should mean a new name for the building.

The Durham library’s website says the new name will “bring to life a brand new vision for the Durham Public Library.”

That new vision includes more than 2,000 new bookshelved spaces, the expansion of the library’s staff, and a new logo and website that includes a “new digital library” that will be “available to all.”

But what exactly is that new library going to look like?

We asked the Durham City Council about what they think about the new library and what it will look like, and here are some of the highlights.

What’s New at the Durham Library?

The Durham City Library will have a total of 2,800 new books on its bookshelve.

But the building is only part of what the new Durham library will look and feel like.

The new library will have an indoor area that will house a wide range of “community space,” including meeting rooms, meeting rooms with chairs, tables, and other tables for “community use,” according to the website.

Those tables will be designed to be used by “community members,” and a full bar will be available for patrons to have a beer.

It will also have “community entertainment spaces,” which will include a video screen and “live music” at the front of the building, as well as a full “public art gallery.”

The “community room” will also be a meeting room.

A few things to know about the city’s library, including where it will be located.

It’s the largest public library in North Carolina, and the city has been looking to sell it for a few years.

In May 2016, the council voted to sell the library to private developers.

The city has since sold the library for $1,890,000.

What that means is that the city plans to pay the developers $1 million per month for the next 10 years, which will keep the library open for about a decade.

The new Durham Library will be part of a larger $1 billion plan that includes the new downtown library, the new community room, and more.

What’s that deal for?

The library is slated to open in 2021, and there are plans to open it in 2022.

However, the details on when that will happen, what it’s going to be like, what the staff will be like and what kind of books the library will be holding, will all be announced by 2020.

It’s also unclear if the new building will be fully staffed, which means that the library may be a bit more cramped than the Durham libraries.

It could be an option for the city to keep the old library open longer, or perhaps expand the library into a new building.

How many employees will there be?

According to the Durham News & Observer, the library is expected to employ 2,300 people by the end of 2020.

The building will have 4,200 bookshelving spaces.

The staff will include “librarians, librarians-in-training, library managers, library staff and other community leaders.”

How much money is going to the city?

The city is expected pay $1 in monthly fees for the new office space and library space.

The current rate for a Durham Public library is $1 per month.

The average rate for public libraries in North America is $3.50 per month, according to Wikipedia.

But what does that mean?

The city says the “new office space” will be the largest in the country.

It should be a great location for offices and for public meetings.

What will be in the library?

There will be a total total of 3,100 books on the Durham public library’s bookshelvers, with more than 1,000 available in the new location.

That number includes books on a number of topics, including the city and the Durham county courthouse, as it was in the previous location.

The office space will also include a full-time library manager.

What else can the library do?

The new library has been described as “a modern, modern building with a contemporary, modern design.”

There will also still be a new, larger, more spacious library

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