How tech can save people’s lives: What the world needs to know about climate change

The first-ever global climate summit will be held in Pima, Arizona on July 8, and organizers hope that it will help them shape a more sustainable future.

While the summit is not about tackling climate change itself, the event aims to promote better health and a healthier planet, and it’s part of a global effort called Climate Resilience Week.

“The climate is changing, and we need to make sure we adapt to that,” said Sherry Boesch, a Pima County resident who has been involved in the climate movement since she was a child.

Boesch said she wanted to attend the event because she is a fan of technology and wants to use it to make a positive difference in the lives of people living in rural areas.

The Summit, hosted by the nonprofit Climate Resiliency Week, will feature talks by top climate scientists, the world’s first climate summit, and a panel discussion on the future of human civilization.

The event will also feature presentations from top experts in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Boeys experience as a climate activist is well-known in the area.

She has been a vocal proponent of building more affordable, renewable energy for people living on a subsistence-level and helping communities recover from climate change.

“I believe we are all interconnected and I know that the planet will be okay,” she said.

“We can work together.”

To help those who can’t afford to get off the grid, organizers say they’re partnering with a group called the Sustainable Living Institute.

The group offers a $1,000 “climate grant” to those who are able to get an energy-efficient home, for example, or who want to purchase solar panels and solar energy devices.

The group’s president, Rachel Lipp, said the program is a way for those who cannot afford the costs of buying energy-saving devices to help those less fortunate.

“It’s a way to really help the people who are out there who need it most,” she told Recode.

“I think it’s a really big shift in the way that we think about the future and we think that we can help people who don’t have much.”

Boessch is a long-time activist for climate change and a passionate advocate for renewable energy.

She also serves as president of the Phoenix Climate Solutions Project, which works with Pima and surrounding communities to help communities adapt to the changing climate.

“This is the best time to be out there in the world to help people adapt and to make that happen,” she explained.

“The time is right.”

The climate summit is part of Climate Resillience Week, which is part in an effort to create a global climate-resilience campaign for people who can not afford to make it to the summit.

In March, the United Nations called on governments around the world, businesses and nonprofits to create sustainable energy solutions for people, communities and the planet.

Recode’s Rachel Wood is a correspondent for Recode Media covering technology, finance, and politics.

Follow her on Twitter at @rachelwood.

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