Google’s AdWords team is working on a ‘buzzword’ for ads

A Google ad team has been working on new ways to increase engagement and boost conversions.

A recent article from TechCrunch suggests that Google is developing a “buzzwords” that will be displayed to users during their clicks.

It’s not clear what these new features will look like, but it’s interesting to see Google in the game of trying to improve the user experience and make advertising more effective.

In other words, it’s working to get more users to click through to the ads in the first place.

The company isn’t the only tech company working on the idea, either.

Amazon has been using “bounce counts” to encourage people to visit the site for a few days, and Google has experimented with similar ideas.

Both companies are working on ways to help their ads stand out from the crowd.

AdWords is a simple and popular service for online shopping, which is why it has become a target for a lot of marketers.

To be fair, AdWords does offer some nice perks.

Users can buy products from Amazon and get discounts on others.

And the platform is designed to be simple to use and easy to understand.

However, the platform does have one key drawback.

The service can be overwhelming at times, especially for new users, and advertisers are still struggling to figure out how to get the most out of their ad campaigns.

That’s why AdWords’ revenue and ad impressions are on the decline.

In fact, according to AdSense, Adwords is now down by 17% year-over-year in Q3 2018.

AdSense is a competitor to the likes of AdWords and Shopify, and it’s the largest ad network on the internet.

This means that AdWords can make a lot more money with lower advertising costs than a traditional advertising platform.

It also means that a lot less money is going to advertisers, so that the competition is better for them.

That said, Google has shown that it is trying to make AdWords even better.

The search giant recently unveiled a new ad product called “Smart Buzzwords.”

This ad service is meant to help advertisers build better campaigns, and helps users learn how to use them to make better ads.

The program is designed for advertisers who want to improve their search performance but also want to help users find more relevant ads.

Smart Buzzwords aims to give users a better experience with their ads, and to help them make better decisions when they’re trying to rank higher in search.

This is something Google has been trying to do since the beginning of the company’s search engine acquisition, but its rollout is still a bit rocky.

Google recently launched a new tool called “Datalink” that is meant as an extension to Google’s search interface.

Datalink allows users to easily search for keywords on Google and find relevant ads that are best for their search.

Google is also planning to add “AdWords Optimization” to its AdWords platform, which will help users make smarter decisions about how to optimize their campaigns.

These new tools will help advertisers improve their performance in search, and make the most of their AdWords experience.

It is not clear how well these new ideas will actually be used by advertisers, though.

The only real way to really know if Google’s smart buzzwords will be a success is to test them out.

If they work, then Google is poised to have one of the most valuable online ad platforms on the market.

It will be interesting to watch how this platform plays out over the next few years.

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