Which DC Public Library has the most public art?

The library has more public art than any other in the United States.

According to data provided by the National Park Service, the D.C. Public Library of the District, which encompasses the District and surrounding areas, has a total of 6,085 public art pieces, representing 1,000 pieces of art that were created between 1875 and 2020.

Thats a bit higher than the national average of 1,034 pieces of public art created per year.

The highest number of pieces of artwork were created in the Washington, D.

Cs. metropolitan area, where the Library of Congress was founded in 1863.

The D. C. Public Libraries is not alone in this regard.

The city of Dallas, Texas, has the second highest number in the country at 563 pieces of park art created between 1915 and 2020, with the Dallas Public Library also the largest in the U.S. with a total 8,948 pieces of works of art created in that timeframe.

The number of public artwork pieces in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, is also quite high with a number of parks in the state featuring public art, including the National Portrait Gallery and Louisiana State Historic Landmarks.

While some cities have more public artwork than others, the most popular locations in the nation are Washington, DC, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, Nashville-Davidson, Atlanta-Sandy Springs, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Milwaukee-St. Paul, Chicago-Naperville, and Phoenix.

What do you think of the art in your local public library?

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