Wine 3.6 Beta 6 with TU library (CSUSM)

AUGUST 23, 2018 07:12:51A new version of Wine has been released, and it includes several new features, including the TU (Csuusm) library, which is a newer and more stable alternative to the Csuus library.

This is a major release, with more than 40 commits.

The changes are mostly cosmetic, but we think they are worth highlighting.

The most notable new feature is the ability to set default window managers in Wine, a feature previously limited to the console.

This allows you to set a default window manager for your desktop.

In Windows, you can use the “default” setting.

In order to enable this feature, go to Settings->General, and set the “Use the default window management” option.

This will set the default windows to be used by Wine.

The other major new feature in this release is the new tcu_succeed(2) function, which allows you set the maximum number of threads that can run at once, for faster startup.

This is useful if you have multiple windows open, but want to maximize throughput.

This function is not enabled by default in Wine.

If you run multiple processes with tcu.exe running on them, you’ll see the number of threading requests drop off.

This may be because a lot of CPU cycles are spent running multiple processes, but the tcu command also drops the number to zero when the threading limit is reached.

The default limit for threads is 20.

If you want to have the same amount of thread performance, set tcu to “0”.

The default threading limits are 50 and 100.

This will improve performance if you use several processes running concurrently.

You can set this limit by editing the configuration file.

For more information, check out the full release notes, and download the latest binary.

You can find a full list of the changes in the Wine 3-6-2018_01_04_03 release notes.

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